The Split House

The vacation home in Mahabaleshwar, situated on two combined plots within a gated community, presented a unique challenge due to its larger size compared to adjacent houses. To maintain visual harmony with neighboring properties and address concerns about potential simian threats, we devised an innovative design approach that reimagined the traditional courtyard organization.

Quarry House

The Quarry House offers acaptivating spatial experience that unfolds in two distinct layers, each showcasing the inherent beauty and characteristics of the site in its own way. From the moment visitors arrive, they are greeted with a dramatic contrast that sets the tone for the entire journey.


The spatial experience within Theory is characterized by a sense of restrained elegance, where deep tones of leather and charred wood create an atmosphere of understated opulence. The design concept revolves around the use of dark colors and tactile textures to convey a sense of luxury and sophistication.

The Clearing House

The client’s vision for the interior design of the establishment was to create distinct entities for different times of the day: an all-day dining area known as “The Foyer” and an evening dining area called “The Chamber.” The cavernous interior space provided the perfect canvas for an opulent dining experience, but the challenge lay in maintaining a balance between opulence and deference to the historical context of the space.


Designing the second outpost for one of Mumbai’s most esteemed hospitality brands posed a significant challenge due to the unique characteristics of the site. Situated on an L-shaped ground floor location with imposing columns dividing the space, our design task was twofold: establish a clear directional flow for the space and mitigate the visual impact of the massive columns.

Social Khar

The site located in Khar was a restaurant earlier and had fallen into substantial disrepair, the crumbling stone-clad walls, as well as other signs of the derelict envelope, became a point of entry into the project. Social has a strong brand presence in the city and the country.

Indigo Deli at Palladium

The design of the Indigo Delicatessen at Palladium was conceived as a deliberate departure from the conventional architectural norms typically associated with mall environments and brand establishments. Our aim was to challenge the monotony of repetitive brand architecture and create a space that not only stood out but also subverted the trappings of its mall context. Central to the design approach was the juxtaposition of programmatic elements and spatial intent, blending the intimacy and warmth of traditional wine cellars with the functional requirements of retail shelving. This fusion of disparate elements gave rise to a unique and visually striking form that served as an insert into the raw space of the mall, effectively obliterating its rigid geometries.


The conception of CRAFT deli as a project was born from a desire to challenge the conventional notion of a deli located within a mall setting, aiming instead to create a distinctive environment that stood in stark contrast to the often sterile and impersonal atmosphere prevalent in mall cultures.

Concrete Void

The concrete void in Navi Mumbai, is designed as a relief from the experience of this existing impervious precinct mass. The design challenges the perception of factories being associated with corrugated sheets as built fabrics and plays with the complexities of solid and void of the program.

Eau Bar, The Oberoi

Sitting at one end of the Queen’s Necklace on Marine Drive, newly structured openings to the indomitable view of the Arabian Sea abutting the Marine Drive aren’t the only highlights of the new Eau Bar at The Oberoi Hotel. The golden foliage of an intricate metal tree against a striking red backdrop is the centrepiece of the renovated Eau Bar.