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Monisha Jaising Flagship Store



Year of Completion

Raju Shukla

465 Sq.M.

Design Team
Sameep Padora, Mayur Salunkhe, Vinay Mathias

Drawing inspiration from Issey Miyake’s iconic A.P.O.C (A Piece Of Cloth) collection from the 1980s, the design proposal for a space transformation embraces the essence of fluidity, movement, and versatility inherent in Miyake’s innovative designs.

Rather than approaching the project with a predetermined desire to create form, the unique characteristics of the space guided our conceptualization, resulting in three multi-operative installations that seamlessly integrate with the existing architecture.

The first installation takes the form of a dynamic facade, serving as the outermost layer that interacts with the surrounding environment. Inspired by the fluidity of Miyake’s fabric creations, the facade weaves around columns and beams, adapting to the abbreviated nature of the space while creating a visually captivating entrance that invites exploration. Moving into the interior, the second installation manifests as a display system that transcends traditional notions of showcasing clothing.

Taking cues from Miyake’s innovative approach to garment construction, this display system is designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing for the dynamic presentation of Monisha’s signature clothing pieces. The installation serves as both a functional platform for displaying garments and a visually engaging element that complements the overall aesthetic of the space.

The third installation serves as a ramp/threshold, seamlessly blending with the existing architecture to create a smooth transition between different levels of the space. Inspired by Miyake’s emphasis on movement and accessibility, the ramp/threshold provides a tactile and experiential journey for users as they navigate through the space, further enhancing the overall dynamic and immersive experience.

At the heart of the space lies the centrepiece – three horizontal ribbons of highly reflective stainless steel, each towering 26 feet high. These ribbons not only serve as a striking visual focal point but also create an interactive display system that engages users in a dynamic interplay of reflections and perspectives.

As users move through the space, their reflections juxtapose with the clothing hung from the middle band, transforming them into active participants in the display experience.

The design proposal pays homage to Issey Miyake’s visionary approach to fashion and design, seamlessly integrating

elements of fluidity, movement, and versatility into the architectural fabric of the space. By embracing the spirit of innovation and collaboration, it created a dynamic and immersive environment that celebrates the intersection of fashion, architecture, and art.